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This is an article for you, if you like traveling the world and eating the weirdest food that you can find. There are many countries in the world that are serving food that we normally won’t even consider eating. And, then these weird food is delicacies there. If you are a world traveler and in the mood for some weird food, then you should make sure that you are reading this:

Fried Spiders in Cambodia

If you are going to Cambodia, you should try their fried spiders. Fried spiders is a delicacy in Cambodia and you can find it almost anywhere. This is spiders that were spiced and fried to perfection. They are claiming that this is providing more meat than grasshoppers and you will have a much greater time eating this 8-legged creature.

Only the locals know the type of spider they are using and how to fry it to perfection. You don’t want the spider too crispy, and you don’t want to eat the spider that doesn’t have enough garlic on. Don’t try to fry your own spiders, rather go to Cambodia and purchased fried spiders from the locals.

Beondegi (silk worms) in South Korea

Only people that really know how silk worms are looking, will know how disgusting this can be to eat. This is large worms that are full of fluids and that really doesn’t look that great.

However, in South Korea they are saying that the Beondegi, or silkworms, are a delicacy that only a couple of people can eat. If you can look beyond how the worm looks, you might just find that the worms are really delicious and not as disgusting as what you might have thought.

Chicken’s Feet in East Asia, Caribbean, and South Africa

Chicken feet might not seem that disgusting to try, but it really depends on how you are preparing it. Some prefer to bake it in an oven with some spices, while other people are deep frying it or even eating it in a stew.

If you don’t like the idea of eating feet, then you should not even consider eating the chicken feet. You will be able to see the feet, and even if it is clean, it doesn’t sound like something that most people will enjoy.

Tuna Eyeballs in Japan

The best for last. Tuna eyeballs in Japan. You don’t need to go to a restaurant to be able to order this delicacy in Japan. It is even available in most supermarkets, and you can purchase a packet of two eyeballs that you can prepare the way you like it. Not something that people will like to eat, because it really looks if the eyes are looking at you.

Weird food. This is something that you will find in any part of the world. Different countries have different weird food that you should try. These are just some of the examples of food delicacies that you can order and eat when you are traveling all over the world. Some might want to try this, while others might find this extremely disgusting and will not even consider trying it.